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09-Jul-2020 19:15

For some people, that time comes when sex is introduced into the relationship, but still, the conversation should be had.

If someone that you're dating gets mad if they find out you're seeing other people before you've had sex or an agreement to be monogamous, then you should run away from them, fast and far.

There are some basic guidelines that you should follow in order to maximise your chances of being noticed amongst all of the other profiles.

I don't want to drop either, but I don't feel comfortable doing this with both at the same time.

By calling them relationships, that leads me to believe you are. No need to be specific, but at least that gives the other person the option of being in a situation like that.

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If you're sleeping with them, they deserve to know or they deserve better, IMO. If you start to like one more than the other, call it off with the one. And please post here, because most of the time, these situations are a complete disaster, and I don't want to miss out It can be great fun to date more than one person (I have done so myself! I did so when I was not monogamous with one, just casually dating more than one guy.

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If you are monogamous with one or both, shame on you and I hope you get caught. If you have plans with one, don't make any "just in case" plans with the other. If they asked if I was seeing anyone else, I would tell them that I was open to dating others and sometimes went out on dates.

I maxed all confidants and romanced all the girls possible with no problems5. I maxed all confidants and romanced all the girls possible with no problems5.