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06-Apr-2020 22:08

The central program of the weekend are the general sessions.

As one of the largest gatherings of youth in Ontario, Canada, it draws crowds of over 2,000 youth.

Over the years the message of Pitch has not changed though the medium has.

There are also sports tournaments, workshops (on such things as the Da Vinci Code, scientific analyses of creation and evolution, dating, self-esteem, evangelism, etc.), video game tournaments, and an annual battle of the bands (in which the winner is awarded recording time in a studio).

Mokopane serves a rich agricultural area in which wheat, tobacco, cotton, beef, maize, peanuts and citrus are farmed.

The Zebediela Citrus estate, 55 km to the south east, is one of the biggest citrus farms in the southern hemisphere.

What they found out about the social life of the Indonesian octopus Abdopus aculeatus is the stuff of daytime television: jealousy, brawls, betrayal, sneaking around behind one another's backs — if they had backs, that is — and, a soap-opera favorite, the open-ended question of paternity.