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If an asset's fair market value exceeds its depreciated basis, you will unfortunately need to show a gain on the distribution of the asset to the shareholder on the final corporate tax return.The first step to dissolving your company is for your shareholders or members to officially agree to close the business.You will use one form to dissolve a limited liability company and another form to dissolve a regular corporation.For tax accounting purposes, you will need to file one last S corporation 1120S tax return, marking the return as "final." You should also technically file the form 966 with Internal Revenue Service.What I didn't mention earlier was the money I had invested into the company at the start for the office, furniture, laptop, cashflow etc.According to her, my CT will actually be much less than I had anticipated and certainly affordable.

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There are three main ways to proceed: While bankruptcy is a powerful tool—it can wipe out most unsecured debts like credit card bills, lawsuit judgments, and debts to suppliers and give you a fresh start—if one of the alternative solutions fits your situation, it will probably be less expensive, less time-consuming, and less gut-wrenching than a bankruptcy filing.Typically, the form merely asks for information that identifies you and your corporation, but some states also ask whether all debts and liabilities have been paid (or assumed by another company or provided for in a bank or escrow account) and whether the remaining assets, if any, were distributed.Most states charge a small fee for filing the form—check the form instructions for the amount.While the process of closing a business is very difficult for many reasons, it is important to make sure you get the best value for your assets, pay your employees, satisfy your creditors, and comply with state and federal laws.

Every business--even a very successful business--eventually ends.

If you have a lot of debt but your creditors won't take your settlement offers -- or you don't even have enough cash to offer a settlement -- bankruptcy is likely your best option.