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07-Jun-2020 13:48

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I see a continued, and exponential advancement of technical wonders. I’m 45, and I’ve seen so much technology grow and come about that a decade before was just a fantasy (the ipad is a personal example, watching star trek next generation seeing that, and then it being here today, just incredible), and in the last 35 years of being neck deep and absorbed in this obsession, profession, I love, yet I can already see I’m not going to live to see the exciting things that will be happening 100 years from now, 200, 1000…I think it only gets more exciting as time goes on, in ways we can’t even imagine (will they extend life to where you live for hundreds of years, will they “solve” death, and allow one to transfer their mind to a digital brain replica when their first body wears out, will they all have jet packs or flying cars, wow, the things we can’t even imagine) – how exciting!

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