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27-Jun-2020 01:22

Depending on the version of Outlook, there are a few different reasons for this behavior.returns the free/busy data for the time interval of two months by default.

updating schedule information retrieving  busy information from server-7

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If you want to share with people outside of your network, you need to publish it on an Internet server (using either HTTP or FTP).

This page has the steps required to successfully publish and retrieve Free/Busy information.

If you don't have a Microsoft Exchange account, Free/Busy won't work unless you (and your contacts) publish free/busy to an Internet address or a file share.

Anonymous users will need Read permissions, you'll need Write permissions on the Internet server.

When you create a meeting invitation and look at the scheduling page, if Outlook can find Free/Busy for an attendee, it displays it with blue and grey blocks (Row 1 & rows at #4).When user publishes FB data (outlook calendar appointment, etc) this information gets stored suitable FB subfolder Exchange 2007 will not store FB data on the public folders and eliminated unnecessary replication in exchange environment.The service deployed via CAS server role, the outlook client 2007 will discover the availability service via Autodiscover.Few administrators understand how clients publish free/busy data as users update their calendars, where Exchange stores the data, and what the data actually represents.